If you are interested in creating a livelihood which serves you, your family and our broader communities and environment, I would like to work with you.

These days most of my work is focused on two core offerings; technical support and coaching. If you are interested you can learn more about me or visit my LinkedIn profile to see my professional background.

Technology Support

I work with individuals and small businesses to help them use technology to solve problems. I will listen and ask questions until I understand what you are trying to achieve. Once I understand I will work with you to determine if we can solve the problem with an existing tool or if it makes sense to introduce something new.

In addition to technical assistance, I am very happy to answer any questions you may have. My goal is for customers to be self-reliant and able to use and manage the technology in their lives with as little struggle as possible.

I have been professionally working with computers and the internet since 1993 and enjoy helping people and businesses get the most from technology. While I can help with most technology my speciality is with Apple (Mac, iPhone …) and Linux (Debian, Apache, Postfix, Bind …).


I work with individuals, families and small businesses to help develop their communication, management or business skills. I will listen and ask questions until I understand your current challenges and what you are trying to achieve.

I believe that a secret to success is being able to express what we want in a way that encourages others to engage with us.

I have been working as a manager in the high tech startup world since 1994 and have co-founded two companies. I've worked for companies as they experience crazy success and catastrophic failure. Since 2009 I’ve been trying to discover how to create a life which brings me and my family joy. I don’t have the answers yet, but I’ve learned a lot and would love to share what I’ve learned.


  • Computer not doing what you want? I can show you how to fix it (or just fix it).
  • Want to learn how to do something on your computer? Sure.
  • Need a domain name for your family or business? Want email or a website set up using your domain? Easy!
  • Concerned about security on your computers or phones? I can help you understand what’s at risk and decide if anything needs changing.
  • Worried about backups? Let's look at the options.
  • Struggling with a website like Google Apps or Dropbox? I can help.
  • Have a workflow that seems more complicated than it needs to be? Let's see what we can do!


  • Are you in a role where you don’t have a peer for support? I’m happy to discuss ideas, talk through problems and offer my experience.
  • Is there somebody you can’t find a way to work with? Maybe together we can figure out what’s going on!
  • Struggling to keep up with growth? Not sure what you need to do to scale your infrastructure? I’ve been there, let’s make plans.


  • Do you know what you want, but are frustrated that life isn’t taking you in that direction? Is it hard to get others on board and working with you towards the goal? Holistic Management is a tool I’ve found very helpful for getting unstuck, creating goals that everyone can get behind and staying on track.
  • Do conversations sometimes not go the way you hoped? Do you ever feel helpless and overwhelmed when people tell you about their problems? Nonviolent Communication has helped me learn to stay connected to others even when the going is tough.
  • Curious about meditation or mindfulness and wonder how it might be able to help you? We can talk about why people meditate and I can show you some simple practices to get you started.
  • Interested in getting more from your land or garden? Permaculture is a set of principles and ethics which help us to design systems which feed us while regenerating the environment.

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