I experience greater clarity regarding both the subtle details as well as the big picture of my problem after consulting with Adam. He demonstrated a keen ability to listen and discern core needs, both for myself and others involved. After just two sessions with Adam, I came away feeling confident with a clear plan and greater understanding of my role in moving forward.
Julie Teetsov PhD, Celestial Coach

Leading a team can be a pretty lonely experience. Managers Anonymous gave me the peers and space I needed to develop my leadership skills. It's had an enormous impact on the way I work.
Clarion Coughlan, Project Director, NZ On Screen

Adam provided incredible cross-team leadership at Weta and was adept at taking user/group/facility requests and prioritizing them on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly, prepare for future upgrades and develop preventative measures. I was fortunate enough to work with Adam and his team to address scalability issues for the facility and he was indispensable in helping our group make proper hardware and system oriented software decisions. Not only that, but he actively pushed other engineers to contribute ideas so everyone felt they had given input and constantly accredited his team before himself. Adam is a real team player, a level-headed decision maker, and more importantly, just a great guy to work with! Big kudos!
Derek Gerstmann, Production Engineer, Weta Digital

Adam is one of the few managers who is not only a great people person but who is technically competent as well. He's proactive and motivated. He's a manager I'd be more than happy to work for again. He cares about his staff, customers (internal and external) and the computer systems that keep everything going.
Bill Ryder, Sr System Administrator, Weta Digital

One of the most brilliant, energetic, creative and talented people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Adam approaches projects with a zeal and confidence that's rarely matched. I would work with Adam again at any time.
Lucas Sheehan, Founder, Personal Telco

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