Current Projects

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ElementAll is an elegant made to order, capsule clothing range for women produced in New Zealand. Made from New Zealand superfine merino, the pieces are designed by Tink Stephenson and made by local Wellington women. The deliciously comfortable clothing is available in sizes 8-20 and a wide range of colours.

Managers Anonymous

Managers Anonymous provides a long-term, practical support group for managers of all shapes and sizes. Many management groups focus on networking and theoretical strategies. Instead, we provide an informal group where managers can get focused support for the daily challenges they face in their jobs.

Being a skilled manager can be hard work, but it doesn't have to be complicated. If you are interested in learning with a like-minded group, we'd like to hear your stories.

Peka Peka Hill

Peka Peka Hill is the side project of Tink and I. Plans are still unfolding but we're hoping to open a bed and breakfast, experiment with small-scale farming and explore what community means to us.

Past Projects

The Bad Day

The Bad Day is written and illustrated by my sister Amy Shand. It is a short story about a little bird who is having a very bad day. We follow him through his adventures as he tries everything he can think of to cheer himself up until finally, he has an idea which is tail-raising good.

Initially, Amy made each copy by hand, but more people wanted copies than she could make. I ended up helping by creating a digital layout and finding a local printer who could create a beautiful and affordable book.

Men's Group

Wellington Men’s Group provides a space where men can come and share in confidence. A circle of trust, of men who are dedicated to becoming their best in all aspects of life.

I was a regular participant and a facilitator of the group.

Dream Catcher Coop

The Dream Catcher Co-op is nonprofit community food co-operative based in Te Horo on the Kāpiti Coast. We are a young group established in 2014 with a vision of providing affordable, organic and locally grown food to the Kāpiti region.

I was one of the initial members and worked with the board.

Wireless Commons

The Wireless Commons manifesto was a declaration of our intention to create an open network which was built by and for the people. It was an offshoot of my work with Personal Telco and the broader community wireless movement.

I instigated it in 2003 and over its life, it was shared widely and translated into several different languages.

Personal Telco

Personal Telco is a volunteer-based nonprofit which promotes and builds free wireless networks and hotspots in the Portland (Oregon) metropolitan area.

I instigated it in 2000 and provided leadership and technical vision for a group of 50 volunteers until I left Portland in 2003. During that time I worked with the city council, neighbourhood communities and local businesses to get support and funding for the project and I spent significant time working with local and nationwide media.


Earthlight was one of the first companies to offer commercial internet services in New Zealand. When the local monopoly entered the market and forced most small service providers out of business, we remained competitive by focusing on customer service and internet consulting services for the local business community. Earthlight was sold to another local company in 2003.

I was an owner and the first employee and designed and built the technical infrastructure.

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