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There is also a longer, more personal version of my story if you are interested.

I run a weekly support group for professional managers called Managers Anonymous.

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Welcome, thanks for stopping by. I mostly use this site as a place to put my writing and photos but I'm also a consultant. Either way, my hope is that this site allows you to get a sense of who I am; as well as what my skills, experience and interests are.

The bulk of my professional experience is in the high tech startup world in New Zealand and the United States. I've co-founded two companies which have been sold and are still running, an ISP in Dunedin (New Zealand) and a nonprofit in Portland (Oregon). I've also co-founded two companies which died in their infancy and am currently considering starting another company. I've been working with open source software and communities since the early nineties, have designed and built complex systems, and networks and have been operationally responsible for over 7,000 computers.

However, the core of my interest has always been on the people side of things. In tandem with the technical work, I was generally leading projects, building teams, and working as a manager. I’ve been responsible for multi-million dollar projects, worked at the executive level, and run departments of over 70 people. Roles where I had influence in each of the business, management and technical realms, were where I did the work I am most proud of.

Since 2009 my focus has shifted away from business and technology. I decided to go travelling, starting in Southeast Asia and ended up spending a year living in a spiritual community. I practised yoga most days and had the support to deepen my meditation practice. While there I discovered permaculture which led me to spend the next year living in intentional communities and working on permaculture farms in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. During that time I began training in and practising, Holistic Management and Nonviolent Communication.

I now live in New Zealand, on the Kāpiti Coast with my partner Tink. We have two dogs, two cats and dreams of turning our 12-acre lifestyle block into a small farm.

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