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 ====== Managers Anonymous - A Support Group == ====== Managers Anonymous - A Support Group ==
 <WRAP right third> <WRAP right third>
-<WRAP hide> 
 <WRAP box> <WRAP box>
-{{ :managers:fullybooked.png?nolink&192 | Sorry, we're fully booked!}} +==== Times and Dates == 
-Sorry, the February 2019 block is fully booked.   +For **eight weeks** we meet once a week in **downtown Wellington** from **7–9am**.  Dates for **2021** blocks are:
-We expect the next block to begin in mid September 2019.+
-[[https://mananon202.lilregie.com/|Please book online.]] +  * <del>**Tuesdays** beginning **16 February** ([[https://mananon211.lilregie.com/booking/attendees/new|book online]])</del
- +  * **Wednesdays** beginning **5 May**  ([[https://mananon212.lilregie.com/booking/attendees/new|book online]]) 
-</WRAP></WRAP+  * **Thursdays** beginning **19 August**  ([[https://mananon213.lilregie.com/booking/attendees/new|book online]])
-<WRAP box> +
-==== Times and Dates == +
-The next round of Managers Anonymous will begin February 2020 (dates posted soon).+
-Meetings are from **7–9am on Wednesday or Thursday** morning and will run for **eight weeks**. 
 </WRAP> </WRAP>

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