I have collected these writings over the last fifteen or so years. Some of them I typed in by hand from much loved original sources, others I simply copied from somewhere online. All of them are here because struck some deep chord within me.

Initially I collected bookmarks to my favourite writings, but over the years I discovered that links don't last. More often then not when I went reread a story, or send a link to a friend, I found that it no longer existed at that previous address. Eventually I realised that if I wanted long term access to these writings, I had to keep copies of them myself. It didn't take long to realise that if I was going to do that, I may as well share them with others.

All articles are attributed to the original author (when I was able to find that information) and remain under the copyright of the original author. Nearly all of them have been used without permission. ''If any of these writings belong to you, and you would like them removed or the attribution changed, please let me know.

this is a copy, copyright remains with the original author.